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West Bank Premier League is the one of the two top divisions of the Palestinian Football Federation. The other is the Gaza Strip League. The West Bank Premier League was founded in 1977 but due to the difficulties associated with the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and internal feuding within the Palestinian Football Federation only seven seasons have been played in their entirety. Over the years, the format of the League has taken many different shapes, the current format, which was adopted in 2009, consists of 12 teams playing each other twos over 22 matchdays, the bottom two clubs are relegated to the second division and the team with the most points are crowned champions[1]. The 2010-11 Season marked the creation of the first professional league in the territories and saw high profile signings for many clubs. Most notably Fadi Lafi (Hilal Al-Quds), Hernan Madrid (Wadi Al-Nes), and many Arab-Israelis who played for teams in the second and third tier of Israeli football.

Clubs 2010/11[edit]